Car Buying Service - newer used trucks are available?

I'm possibily in the market for a used truck to tow a camper - preferably something 2012 or newer.


However, when I have gone on the used car section of the car buying service, after I select the model I want to look at (e.g., Ford F250, or Dodge Ram 2500), the date filter section only goes as high as 2010. I cant select the data range I'd like, and for that matter, no post-2010 truck comes up. Are there really no used trucks from 2011 on available with 100 miles of Houston? I looked for some kind of help that I could reach out to to report this, but didn't find anything other than this member forum, so anything you can do to help me figure out where I've gone wrong would be appreciated!


Never mind - I didn't realize that Dodge changed it up with 2011 - now the trucks are listed as "Ram." Sorry about that!

Hi Valichi,


No worries, thanks for posting! Happy New Year!