Car Buying Service is providing me no benefit.


I am attempting to purchase a vehicle, and I noticed that with the USAA car buying discount, my purchase price is equal to the dealerships advertised price.  In comparison, I checked Sams Club car buying service and it was the same - no deal at all.  USAA and Sams Club would seem to be getting a fee from the dealerships, but it is not passed on to the consumer.  




Dear Frugal_Consumer, 


We are sorry to hear that the Car Buying Service was not the best deal for you. We understand that the dealer, may at times, have a sale or other promotion which may result in a lower or same price. Thanks for the feedback. 

Recently had the same issue! (6/21). Went through USAA for pre-approval. Got recommended 'True Car' dealership and used them. Not only did they mark UP the car from the MSRP (sticker), they didn't give me the discount. The Finance Officer at the dealership was pulling all kinds of crazy 'tricks'. I ended up with a loan FAR above the vehicle price. ($4000+). I have all the paperwork. USAA won't fix the loan. They want me to refinance a brand new vehicle with a higher APR. I went the Better Business Bureau route. I'm also talking to JAG. Black Listing the dealership and we'll see what they do to USAA.