Car Buying Service and Auto Loan Nothing But a Headache


Since I'm unable to find if or where USAA allows reviews of their products, I've come here to lodge a complaint. I recently used their car buying service to purchase a used car, and the whole experience continues to devolve.  First, I ended up buying an ex-Avis rental car; the price listed on the USAA "Buyer's Certificate" and the Avis sales website were exactly the same, so no money saved there. However, I wanted to get the half-percent APR reduction that comes with the program, so I kept at it. It turns out Avis contracts their car sales through a company called "Innovative Funding Services"; in order to get the APR reduction, the USAA agents told me the name of the dealer and the name on their check have to match. After three seperate phone calls that each lasted over forty minutes, USAA told me the best they could do was process my loan and add the half-percent reduction in an addendum afterwards. Does USAA not know that Avis car sales (a supposed partner) works like this? Then they called me today to say that due to a "glitch" in their system, I'd need to print out and physically sign, scan, and upload all twenty pages of the auto loan application. There was even a "glitch" while requesting my cashier's check for the downpayment that resulted in another forty minute scramble by agents to make it work.  Seriously, guys. How am I suppose to trust you with the security of my finiancial information if you can't even get your other, lesser bureacratic systems to work? I think I'll be shopping for another bank soon. 


@FleurDeLis, yikes! I can completely understand your frustration with your car buying experience.  This is not how we expect members to feel after contacting us!  I have located your information and will have this further reviewed.  Once the review is complete, we will conduct a follow up with you. Thank you for making us aware!