Being stationed across the United States in remote geographcially locations doesn't necessarily provide a whole lot of opportunities to purchase a good quality vehicle. I used the USAA car buying service for the first time  and was able to find a quality car. However, the car was located a little over 3 hours away from my current location. I called the dealer to ensure the vehicle was still on the lot and informed him that I would be in the following morning first thing to purchase the vehicle. I then went through the process of getting a autoloan application and extended warranty processed with USAA. The next morning I took my entire family on a car ride to purchase a new vehicle. Little did I know that the dealership had sold the car the previous night before closing. Needless to say I was pretty upset to have driven so far with my entire family in tow and not accomplish my goal of obtaining a new vehicle. The USAA car buying service claims to have rigorous standards and quality metrics towards evaluating the partnership of a car dealership. I don't no what those rigorous standards and quality metrics are but that car dealership looked like a scene out of the Boiler Room. With today's technology and rapid form of communication no one notified me that the car hold been sold. I would think I could at least get a email alert or text message letting me know the car had been sold. Instead I wasted 6 hours of driving for a 5 minute conversation to learn that car has already been sold. In my humble opionion and experience I would not recommend using the USAA car buying service. I hope this type of service will not carry over to the other services USAA offers. To USAA I would recommend incorporating a text/email alert of the vehicle status or offering a hold for the vehicle at the dealership.




You are misunderstanding USAA's position in this matter. This has nothing to do with USAA but all to do with that dealership. USAA is a hassle free way to get a loan and very flexible with changing prices. That dealership just terrible customer service. But thats business its not personal.


This is not the experience we want you to go through when using the car buying service. Our goal is to provide a referral program that assists our members with a smooth experience. I will share this feedback with the dealers to ensure proper program guidelines are followed and to prevent this from happening in the future.