This is a warning for all the members when trying to buy a car to stay away from Southpoint Chevy in Tulsa, Ok.


I will say that the sales group was nice, but the service department is absolutely terrible. I bought my truck not even a month ago, and part of the deal was to get a remote start installed. I was told that they had to order it in, and that they would have to call me. In the meantime I found out that my XM Radio did not work. When I asked them about this they said it was an antenna, and that they would get one in then schedule to fix that. We waited for their call, and low and behold they never called. When I called their service department I kept getting voicemail for 4 straight days which stated, “We will call you back by the end of the business day.” I suggest they immediately remove that statement as they did not call until the 5th day, and it was four different people in the same service area that wanted to know, “What my problem was.” After explaining about the radio and the remote start the response that I received was that they had no idea about the remote start (which by the way they knew about the two weeks prior), and that they had the antenna. When I asked them why they didn’t call about the antenna I got, “Don’t know it is not my fault.” Sadly it took my having to go back to the sales person to even get my truck into the service department.

                So fast forward to today, and why I am finally writing this. After two days I finally get my truck back (for a job that should have taken a couple of hours), and my XM still doesn’t work! When I asked them about this I was told, “Well we replaced the antenna so don’t know what to do.” As well as, “Guess we will have to call dodge.” The only other thing I got out of them was, “We did fix your navigation though.” Which never was an issue, and when I told them that the response was, “Well your paper said that you said it was broken so it’s fixed now.”

                So needless to say I am completely unhappy, and will be letting everyone know via social channels, websites like USAA, and others about the horrible service department. If it was not for their service department I would have definitely thought about buying another truck from there, and I have already saved one friend and my father in law from making the same mistake. I just hope I can save others.

                P.S. I still don’t have anything on the remote start that was promised, and their “courtesy wash” really means they spray water on your truck considering it came out dirty then it went in.