Car Buying Service - How can I get a local dealer and not all these online options

I am trying to use the car buying service. (Yes I see all the complaints). All the options it shows for me are with online sales companies that ship the car to me. I would like to use a local dealership that I can go and see the car before committing. I live in a military town. The dealer says they can finance with USAA. But I need to be able to link the car buying service with a specific car.  Yet the cars and dealership are not provided when I search?  Is there a workaround? I would sure like the discounted interest rate. 




@KMB1970, hi there.  I am happy to see if I can locate this, you should be able to view dealerships in your area (please keep in mind not all dealers participate).  Can you supply me with a zip code and dealership name along with the type of vehicle? I can double check to see if they are connected to our car buying service.  Sometimes dealers can submit your information to us for a loan, but that is not the car buying service. This can only be done through your login as a member.