Hey USAA experts!  What's going on with the USAA car buying service?  I have been keeping an eye on deals offered through USAA on new/used vehicles since I'm in the market for one.  But, as I was doing my research, the mobile app changed as well as the online car buying site.  Now, instead of searching nationwide (ala cars.com or autotrader), I can only search 250 miles around a zipcode?!?!  I'm in the market for a very specific vehicle that's worth quite a lot of money.  In the "era of the interwebs," I'm of the generation that will search a ton of sites, educate myself on the exact vehicle, and get the best price possible no matter where it is before pulling the trigger on a loan.  But, the restriction on the mileage search recently has turned me off from USAA getting my business or my loan payments.  Unless someone can fix this,( aka release the mileage restriction) or give a really good business reasoning, I may start looking elsewhere.  Not a threat to USAA, but they're potentially losing a customer that was about to spend $60,000!




Hi bjrich,

Thank you for your question! I am looking for into it now and will post when I have an update!


Have a great weekend!

That is horrible you are limited within 250 miles! Every vehicle I have bought I received the lowest price in the country because I find the lowest price in the country and make the local dealer beat it.

I can't name one retired military officer who has stuck it out with USAA for the majority of their services.  For the ones that I do know; they just haven't experienced the awful customer service yet. I mediate insurance claims and I can tell you that USAA is the only one who is not willing to comprimise if the results benefit the consumer. We are talking the bottom of the barrel insurance companies that only insure people after no one esle will insure their property---even these bottom of the barrel companies provide better service. We all just need to put to rest that USAA means anything other than mediocre. I just found out that USAA has been charging me $4K for my homeowners policy when any other company charges $1200-1800 per year. That was buyer beware for me but please--when I ask USAA if their rates are comparible and they agree they are--I trusted them. Again, another let down. About the only service worth anything is the banking due to the mobile app. USAA has become Bank of America. They just haven't gotten caught for their indiscretions yet but they will.