I was extremely disappointed to find out that the USAA Car Buying Service was being discontinued as of 30 September.  I am a "frequent flyer" of the service, having purchased five out of my last six vehicles with the service.  I would have purchased another next month, had I not discovered the service was ending through a banner on the website.  No heads up and the only explanation given was USAA is "streamlining" their business.  Having worked for a megacorp after my military retirement, I recognize this term as management speak used when one drops a program that may have been popular, but was not contributing to the bottom line.


Just another indication that USAA is becoming less interested in standing out from the vast crowd of other insurers.


Hello Oregon and thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us regarding the discontinuation of our Car Buying Service. When this decision was made it was part of an ongoing effort to simplify and streamline our business and focus on our core products and services. By focusing on our core products and services this will allow us to better execute and deliver on our mission to facilitate the financial security of our members. We will definitely make sure to forward this important feedback you've provided us to the appropriate department for review and consideration as we continue to enhance our products and service. Thank you!

I too was shocked when you removed the car buying service without any notification. I guess that is what you get when you bring on a new CEO that has never served in the Military. Why not cut out the NFL commercials and the racial justice donations and keep services like this that receive accolades from your members.  This organization has lost focus on serving members and has just become another misguided insurance company.  At least with an insurance company they are trying to earn a profit for investors.  USAA should at least make an effort to stop wasting members money with all this advertising and woke endeavors. 

@Bubblehead22, we're certainly understand how disappointed you are and definitely share your concerns with the appropriate area for further review. ~ Stacy

I wish USAA would stop saying this was to simplify and streamline the business.  This is absolutely FALSE.  The fact is that the car buying service is a direct correlation to the auto loans for vehicles which is a CORE component for USAA.  As a member provided service it is a farce to pull the Car Buying Service and then say it was not a CORE business component.  It is really upsetting. 


And please don't say thank me for my comment.  You want to thank me for my service and my injuries in combat, bring back the car buying service.  Just sad as it streamlined my car buying process and worked directly with USAA Loans.  As with many USAA services, my streamlined life is less important to them.  I do not believe that USAA as a member provided service has any of our best interests at heart anymore.  We serve to come back home and fight USAA.  

Hello @TC101ABN, I understand your concerns with the discontinuing of our car buying service. I have forwarded your feedback. -Colleen

USAA never bothers to consider the impack on customers when it wacks existing services. Consider the blow customers recieved when investment services were terminated. Many customers are still fighting issues caused by USAA. Financial planing relationships---gone, trust support---gone, new accounts/new formats/ tax issues/ broker relationships--broken---Thanks USAA for this circus ride. Whatever happended to the USAA Select customer service? Gone with the wind?

Hello @pinetree, I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

Are you serious?



The USAA Car Buying Service was discontinued on October 1, 2020. We made this decision after identifying opportunities to improve the Car Buying Service, USAA has ceased offering until further notice.

Our goal is to ensure we are consistently delivering the highest quality products and services to our members and deliver on our mission to facilitate the financial security of our members.

We still offer Auto Loans and refinance options. To learn more, select from the Products tab under the Bank options, or contact a specialist at 210-531-8722. 

Thank you! ~ Lori C