After using (or trying to use) the car buying service I am officially DONE with USAA!!!!

I followed every step and procedure that I was aware of and because the site did not send me some form that I was apparantly supposed to have --- I am not getting the promised .5% discount.  We did everything as instructed, called in and followed up, and have waited patiently for them to "resolve the matter".  Shocker -- they did NOTHING!!!  Sorry but you didn't use some form (that we never sent you) and therefore you are stuck with the higher rate.  Great way to treat a Vet!!!     In the last 6 months USAA has lost my Home, Auto and Umbrella insurance all because they have no desire to be competive with home policy rates.  They are now doing this!!!   Guess what they have forever lost my support and every single person I encounter and deal with daily will all know to avoid the LYING AND DECEIVING COMPANY CALLED --- USAA.   


Done!!, this is really tough for me to hear and I'd like to have a specialist take a look into your concerns. Once your concerns are fully reviewed, we will reach back out to you. Thank you. -Marisa

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