Mean you, I've been with USAA over 18yrs, in just now experiencing poor service; although, USAA had given me the opportunity to purchase a vehicle, after my ss# been stolen, and my credit was damaged, in grateful for that. However, I had believed, USAA was going to assure the purchase. I went to a dealership, got a carfax showing the car had not been in any accidents; soon after, I found out, some how, that was incorrect. I called to see if the sell can be revoked due to miss leading information, but USAA stated it was nothing they could do about that; which, I believed if USAA would have withdrawn the payment the dealership would have taking the car back, and I would have looked some where else. NOW, I Have a vehicle that's giving me problems and a note to continue to pay.


As a USAA member for many years, I have used the USAA Car Buying Service serveral times.  My last two experiences in 2014 and 2015 were totally opposite in processing the loan.   In 2014 using the USAA Car Buying Service my loan was processed in hours after USAA received the documentation from the USAA authorized dealer.  For the 2015 experience, my loan was approved in early August 2015, the vehicle was purchased on Aug 15 2015, with USAA receiving the documentation from the dealer Aug 25.   I have spoken with four USAA reps and as I view my online accounts at my loan is still "pending".   The USAA Car Buying Service is a great service and I will use it again.   Just wish I could get a detailed answer as to why it has taken so long to process the loan.

Dear webmas,

If you could please give us a call here at 1-800-531-8722 we can get you in touch with a specialist who can check on the status of your loan. Thank you.

Hi ddb and webmas,

Thank you both for taking the time to comment here. I have sent both of your concerns over to the bank for further investigation!


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