I used the USAA Car Buying service to contact three area dealers, but quickly found out that it's just another ploy to get you into the showroom and pad the price with as much profit as they can get away with. For starters, the USAA price did NOT incluide a $915 delivery charge, a $700 "Southeastern Toyota Dealers Association" fee, a $700 add-on ("ToyoGuard,"  that's now on every Toyota every dealer sells), about $200 in tag & title fees, and any additional profit they want to try and squeeze in.  In addition, the dealers told me that they have to pay USAA (actually TrueCar) $300 for every referral sale they make, so they try to make you pay for that.  I tried to bargain up from invoice price, but after several hours of arguing and negotiating, ended up paying about $100 less than MSRP.  They start with a price that's substantially less than MSRP, but manage to put enough back so that you really don't save much.  It's worse on popular cars like Toyota, Honda, etc., and the top rated cars are probably worth more in the long run. But if you think you're gonna save any dough with a USAA/AAA/AARP or other "discount certificate," think again. I ended up paying nearly $1000 more than I was expecting to.  But Hey-- I have ToyoGuard (worth about $17).  Woop-de-do.


The Car selling service is equally bad.  I received 1 offer through the service, but it was a low price.  No other offers from the service.  I sold the car to another dealer for more than what the USAA affiliate came up with.  

Yes, I used the car selling service also, and it was useless. Lowball offer, and I got not one single public nibble. I thought for sure someone from the nearby Air Force or Coast Guard bases would at least call me.  So I advertised on Auto Trader for $25 and sold the car within four days.  Got almost $3000 more than the dealer offered...

i was so disappointed in USAA car buying service as well. i did negiotiate $9000 better price--than the lowest offers & blew every other vendor price out of the water! 10 year warranty & perks. my husband is totally proud of me...this was our first car buying adventure as a couple---he will keep me for the life of the car! Deal signed sealed & delivered.