I'm looking into buying a new car and i checked out the buying program USAA offers. With the dicount your getting from USAA and the extra incentives you can qualify for. Your getting a great deal. So i stopped on by the Ford dealership to take a test drive and get some pricing. I asked the sales manager about the incentive and i was told they are already in the $3,765 off from USAA. The way the wording is on the paperwork you print out says the following below. Now to me it seems like i get the $3,765 off no matter what & plus any incentives that i would qualify for.


The dealership guarantes that you will save at least $3,765 off a base MSRP of $24,065 on any in-stock 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback Titanium vehicle, and will confirm eligibilty for the following included incentives:

2014 Ford Focus (excluding S & ST) Customer Cash ($1,000)
2014 Ford Select Vehicles "EcoBoost Challenge" Customer Cash ($1,000)

Ford Credit Retail Bonus Customer Cash ($1,500)


So from my stand. It looks like likes this.

$27,280 - Total MSRP

$3,765 - USAA Discount

$2,500 - Trade-In

$3,500 - Incentives (Max)

$17,515 - Lowend With Incentives, Trade-In & USSA Discount

$21,015 - Highend Total with Trade-In & USSA Discount & without Incentives





Thank you for sharing Dragon80!