I was reading an article recently about a rash of stolen cars and it made me want to give USAA members some information about a car security system most people don't know about.

When I got my last car the salesman tried to sell me LoJack (or their version of it). I asked him what good was it for me to have a security system that told me my car WAS stolen. He couldn't respond, and thieves can get all they need online to disable high tech systems. I know there are other systems out there. That is not my point.

Sometimes the best way to thwart high tech thievery is to go low tech, and after a lot of research I found Ravelco.

Ravelco is a fancy wire disabling system. They come to your home and remove your engine, installing 16 black wires attached to different parts of your engine. The wires combine in a steel tube through your dashboard where their is a 16 pin male plug you must remove (and click on your keychain every time you get out of the car - that's the catch). The car WILL NOT START as every time you get out, 2 different wires are disabled randomly.

According to Ravelco, when used correctly no car has ever been stolen using this system (that doesn't stop towing, so always turn your tires - make them work for it!).

I got a little sloppy after having Ravelco for awhile but I've smartened up and now I make sure I remove it every time, even if I'm just running into the Post Office. This is a GREAT system, and I've never been more confident my car can't be stolen.

Hope this helps someone thinking about a new car and security system! I'd love to hear if anybody else has it.


What helpful information this is, Taspole. Thank you so much for sharing with us in Community. I am sure this will be of help to a member.

I'm confused.  They come to your home and remove your engine?  Seems like that would be enough to thwart a thief all by itself.

There was a heart-in-throat moment, seeing my engine spread out on the driveway and questioning if it was really going to be put back together - and work!

Not a problem. Best thing I ever did.


Great to hear it all worked out! Thanks for sharing your experience.