About two years ago, my wife was in a car accident.  The driver on the other side lied about his insurance but we had his address and everything else except for his auto insurance.  USAA did not even try that hard and I still had to pay a deductible to get our vehicle fixed.  I let it go, USAA has always been good to us.  Fast forward to now, I was in an accident about two weeks ago.  I was merging into another line and hit another car.  It was a three lane road.  I have blindspot detectors for my vehicle, I looked, in the mirror, didn't see anyone, looked at the blindspot turned turn signal on and next thing I know I hit the other driver.  In my personal opinion I think we were both at fault.  I honestly think he was merging from the right lane to the center lane at the same time I was hence why I did not see him.  My point was there was no honking he did not swerve to avoid me, there was room for him to do so.  After talking with USAA they listened to my story and then about 5 days later call me saying they are not going to fight that they are going with 100% fault on my part and that the other driver is claiming injury.  This happened on a Friday, so it was Tuesday of the following week before he claimed injury.  That was disheartening, that USAA who two years early would not pursue a claim just outright would not even fight for me.    For 20 plus years I have had auto insurance through USAA but these two incidents have led me to seriously question, what kind of company is USAA coming


Hello @CPA1701a, I'm sorry for the experience you've had with your two claims. We never want you or any of our members to feel this way. I hope that you and all involved in the recent accident are okay and doing well. I want to confirm that I've forwarded your account and our conversation to the best team. I definitely want to make sure your concerns are addressed properly. Our team will reach out as quickly as possible to review more info together. -Lori G 

The simple fact that USAA failed to handle your claim in a timely professional manner, and failed to sincerely believe you and defend you/insure you reveals a fundamental shift within USAA that I've also witnessed slowly but surely since becoming a member in 1981 when I entered active duty. Caving to the spirit of political correctness while fearing/bowing to the demands of certain groups of people with values far different than those of USAA founders (in 1922), the organization we belong to no longer represents us well. Instead, USAA has chosen to enter the "race" to show the world how accepting they are and how willing they are to abandon core values that made USAA and this country so great.  I can hear the words shared among the highest leaders/decision makers in USAA, "What do we need to do to be perceived as relevant, compassionate, caring toward these folks?"  This is a difficult topic to address.  USAA has been such a stalwart company for decades, nearly 100 years! You may congratulate yourselves in the boardroom at your beautiful headquarters in SA, TX, yet I perceive a subtle but strong shift away from superior customer service and high standards, toward watered-down lip service among leaders while your front line staff are no longer held accountable for providing superior customer service, nor are they consistently expected to demonstrate the same high standards that landed USAA in the top tier of corporations in America.  I also work in a large corporation, where after a person is hired, they freely play the victim whenever called to account for poor job performance, unleashing all manner of ridiculous "logic" to defend their substandard performance and, quite frankly, most direct supervisors and mid-level leaders don't possess the values and strength of conviction to address mediocrity and defensiveness, poor performance and excuses for it.