After being a member for over a decade, I have paid religiously on time. A few months ago I needed to change me payment dates to reflect my pay new pay period. I called and spoke with a young lady who advised me that I could not select split payments. They only offer the first and the 15th. So I cancelled my scheduled payment and made my payment on the 6th. I was still due another payment for Sept. I went back into my account to reestablish my regular payment plan. I was set up for my payments to start Oct instead of Sept 15th. I in turn called back and spoke with a young man you sounded like he was in training. Informed him that I need to get my automatic payment started again before Oct. He assured me it could be done. After about an hour of him setting everything up, he was having issues and needed to speak with someone. He returned stating that he could get my payments started Oct 15. I told him that I already have automatic payments starting sooner. Why wasn’t he able to push it earlier? He was not certain but assured me that by making my payment on the 6th of Sept, my first payment in Oct would adjust to a new amount for that second payment missed in Sept. So today I went into my financials and noticed that my balance had no transactions. I looked at my auto insurance and discovered that my automatic payment was gone. I set it up again and was prepared to cover the missed payment. Well, I wasn’t paying my insurance but my husbands policy. We have separate policies so why was I seeing his insurance? I called and to make a long story short, my policy was cancelled on Oct 6 for the past due of $103 and I could not make a payment on it because it’s looping in cyber space until they can quote me a new rate. Plus they could not tell me why I had somebody else’s policy in my profile. USAA is telling me I had to wait 5 days before I could get another policy. In other words go somewhere else until we can access a new quote for you. I’m not driving my car anymore without insurance. If by 8am tomorrow there is no resolution, USSA can forget me calling them ever again for any of my auto services. They better find a away. 😡