All I can say is yes USAA has competitive (rates) but beware of being canceled! First we are not perfect but paying 12k + a year for insurance and 2 accidents in one year will get you the Boot ! That may seem like a lot but when you have 4 people driving and YES I/we have teen drivers ! Look the clames are small and don’t nearly add up to one person on this website totaling one normal 10K car. So let’s boil this down 6k accident 3k accident and 500 to 800 dollar claim . So, in that time I’ve given you 36k dollars and I get dropped ? When I talked to USAA I was told that I would not get dropped ! I even told the lady how can you say that? Sure enough I am being canceled. The higher rates I’m paying are to cover exactly this right ? It’s actually a downward trend on the accidents pay outs. It’s all about the bottom line, sell us off so you can make even more money. USAA is not about taking care of our family’s or VETS is all about the money and business. I will also be canceling my overpriced homeowners insurance next week as the only reason to have it was to get a discount on auto... Thanks for standing by us in our time of need ! horrible


@ Pointman89,

Please know that we never want to lose you as member, and that we take your concerns very seriously.  I have escalated your situation to an Underwriting Specialist who will be reaching out to you to discuss your concerns.  Thanks~Mike