Total Disbelief

I dont even know what to do at this point, my husband is a disabled vet and we both have perfect driving records...been with usaa for 5 years. on the 13th of march we were hit by a drunk driver who admitted running the stop sign and was arrested on scene. We were both injured and this happened while traveling through az on our way home to mo. The other driver had no insurance, but we did with usaa so we filed a claim. They decided that our handicap equipped van was a total loss and valued it at want to give us roughly $2,600 minus the 500 deductable of course. And we have been stranded in Az since I explained to them that the lift on the back of the van cost that much without installation costs! and they compared my van to 2 vans that were lesser versions, not customized into camper van and not handicap accessable! Do they not understand how expensive it is to be stranded on foot away from home? Or maybe they do, I feel like they are just waiting until we have no choice but to take wahtever they offer us. We were lucky to find a place to stay. and it just gets better, the accident was on the 13th, and like i said we were injured, i had a concusion and we were all at once on the streets of az there was a lot on my mind when i wasnt physically sick and the room not spining that is. so on the 22nd i realized my premium was past due. ok i call and make payment and am told no problem just make the payment next month. (like i can afford to pay them with everything thats going on not to mention they owe me) I get on here today and find out sure! no problem, but they doubled the cost of our policy now! Im just shocked and appolled that a company that is suppossed to not only be your insurance for bad things that happen but an advocate for veterans would treat not only a loyal customer of 5 years but a disabled vet in such a manner! And yes you can bet we will be taking our business elsewhere and i will be sure the world knows just what usaa stands for in a crisses. should be bend over!


I regret to hear of this experience @TotalDisbelief as that is never how we want our members to feel, having an accident I'm sure is stressful enough without anything adding to the experience. I was able to locate you profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert. Once reviewed, they will contact you. Please know they are currently out of office however will return during regular business hours. We appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily