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We have a vehicle that USAA deemed a total loss last month. CCC provided comps based off of 11 vehicles that were the same year, make and model, all of which had higher miles. Upon closer review of the comps, all 11 that they were using were rental cars that Hertz was selling. I would never buy a vehicle that was a rental. Obviously this has an impact on the valuation of a vehicle. I provided more accurate comps based on dealerships in my area two weeks ago and USAA Total Loss/CCC have as of yet to respond. 

USAA's motto is "Serving those who have served". Is this really the way they choose to do it? By contracting services from a firm whose sole purpose/intent is to lowball the settlement offers to USAA members? 

Way to go USAA. The executive team should be really proud of themselves for this one. 


Leave USAA now!!  Upper management needs to go ASAP.