My Accident happened on October 19, 2018 and as of today December 11, 2018 it is still unresolved by USAA.  I was struck from behind in my 2007 GMC Acadia SLT 4 All Wheel Drive and decidede to use my own insurance as i am a veteran and have been with USAA for a number of year; i have never had any issues with them, have alway been treated with respect and received prompt service until now on both counts.  My car was towed to a GMC certified collision and repair shop that i chose and USAA provided the tow.  After the collision/repair shop ideemed the vehicle a total loss and submitted information to USAA for review; it took numerous phone calls over a period of weeks to USAA from the repair shop supervisor in order to even get someone to respond.  After the repair shop mentioned they were going to be submitting a storage fee as well, they finally received a phone call back and someone said that the adjuster would be out to look at and review the vehicle.  This took another few weeks before anyone showed up and then it was well we are not sure it is totalled we will have to review the information so more time goes by and once again we cannot get anyone to answer calls or return calls until finally just last week we receive information that vehicle has been deemed a total loss.  DUH! Seems someone already mentioned that over a month ago.  Now comes the really good part, they submit their total loss settlement offer that apparently is based on a mystical market evaluation conducted by CCC which after investigating i am finding that many lontime USAA customers are finding other insurance companies because of the crooked and cheating methods that are being utilized by them toward the USAA customer base.  My vehicle is the top of the line in its class and is valued at $10,625 NADA and $11,225 Kelly Blue Book but USAA and CCC are offering $6,930 because many features left off report and was told by USAA Rep "it's not what you would sell the vehicle for but its what you could purchase that same vehicle for in your area" uh, are you from my area? that is simply not true.  As recently and this past Friday someone from USAA contacted my bank who holds the title because of loan and tried to pressure them into pressuring me into accepting their offer; and then actually asked the loan manager where the vehicle was and was i driving it?  Are you kidding me?  It's totaled even by your standard.  Not to mention they have spoken with the collision/repair shop that is holding the vehicle numerous times.  Seems to me that not to long ago USAA actually cared about veterans, service members, and their customers in general.  Also seems that is no longer true; this claim has been mishandled and neglected from the beginning and i difficult as it is to say, am also ready for new insurance.  I have done my research and talked with bank, repair shop and GMC dealership and all agree on two things; the car is worth much more than USAA and CCC are offering to settle, and that USAA doesn't seem to know what they are doing.   I will continue to pursue this until a fair resolution is offered, but are there any other USAA people out there with similiar stories.  BGS1   


@BGS1 Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding your claim. I have sent this information over to a subject matter expert to review and they will be reaching out to you in the next 1 to 2 business days.

"Similar"- yes.  Claim the same day, same ridiculous CCC valuation and same delays.  I have also done research online, with the manufacturer, with dealers and with a certified vehicle appraiser to arrive at the same conclusion on the actual value.  Only differences are that my adjuster has been very responsive and was quick to contact me initially, and on subsequent follow ups questions/issues.  If you read through these message boards you will find this same story time after time, and I've noticed that the threads seem to disappear after a certain period of time.  I too would like to reach a fair resolution.  

After talking to folks in the automotive, insurance and legal industry, I've learned that the delay, deny and deflect tactic is common with USAA and others.  I also learned CCC One is used by nearly 85% of auto insurance carriers, but the are NOT the ones you settle with, nor do they have any sort of fiduciary responsibility to you, the member.  I have no dellusions that my '15 Toyota Avalon was some sort of collectible or has some "special value," or would even be considered "excellent" by NADA, KBB, etc.  Good, yes, and that is what I should receive as loss settlement payment.  I have all my insurance with USAA too, and have done so for 20+ years.  In fact, I've never even shopped around - as I thought I was paying a premium price to be insured by a premium insurance company.  I'm disappointed and disllusioned to say the least.

While I have the means and patience to see this until a fair resolution is made, what I find the most disappointing is what USAA is doing to many hard working men and women, in and out of uniform.  Sadly, these folks have placed their full faith and trust with USAA and are getting much less than what is equitable, either because they do not know car values, they can not afford to wait or don't think they can do anything about it.   

@867, I certainly understand your concerns with your total loss claim and I want to have a claims subject matter expert review your situation further.  They will be following up with you within one business day to further discuss your matter.  Thanks again for your membership and sharing your feedback.  ~ Robert

We're going through a similar issue. Best of luck but unfortunately USAA is as stubborn as a First Seargent with no weekend plans.