Buying experience at Choice Automotive LLC Hawaii

I Used the car buying feature at USAA and found a usaa certified dealer Aka choice automotive llc in Honolulu hawaii so being a member since 2007 .I felt comfortable about buying through choice since they were certified usaa dealer. but wow the headaches they gave was the worst buying experience I ever had and I am questioning whether or not to use the usaa CAR buying feature again. My experience started with paperwork trying to get my extended warranty and my vehicle registration from them was like pulling teeth. I went back several times to The dealership as they never answered phone or return phone calls communication was horrible. Now for the big problem I have with choice automotive llc I bought 2013 grand caravan that came with a 90 day warranty that choice gives with every purchase of a vehicle. after about a MONTH. I started running into problems withthe van wouldn't start and front end suspension issues. so I had a certified mechanic look at it and they gave me a quote of all the repairs to be done . I called choice auto and they told me no problem bring it in we will take care of it. I brought it into on a Monday they told me to take the van to their auto shop that they used. So that following Friday their mechanic called me gave me and gave me a quote on the repairs. I took the quotes from their mechanic shop to choice auto to let them know what was wrong. I talked to choice automotive 1st manager about it and he was never Informed about it and never authorized the van to be taking to repair shop, but I was told on Monday when originally took it in by choice automotive 2nd manager to take it to repair shop and they also gave me a loaner vehicle to use while my van was in the shop. They told me that the 90 warranty was just a courtesy warranty and they won't fix any repairs so just a big joke and a run around I also had to go back to repair shop to get my van and to pay for cost of diagnostics that choice automotive sent me to Long story short will not do business with choice automotive and probably won't be using the car buying features on usaa until changes are made to guarantee that the dealers are actually certified.


Hello thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback. I'm very sorry to hear that the certified dealer created such a negative buying experience for you. The dealers are within our network are carefully chosen Certified Dealers who are supposed to provide excellent customer service without the haggling or negativity associated with the normal buying process. I will like to forward your concern to our Auto Internet Sales Team so we can address this concern. Can you please confirm the best phone number for us to reach you at and speak with you! - Darrell