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I am in need of some answers to help me in my car buying experiences.  First I would like to say that I have enjoyed the car buying app through USAA. I bought my last Jeep through this service and it was a breeze to deal with.   My wife and I are in need of a new car soon because she has gained new employment.  Since she will need to report to work on the 26th, we have very little to put down on the car. My question is- if we buy a car now can we put a down payment towards the car purchase on a latter date? This will help us secure a lower monthly payment which we received with our other car we bought.  I am just not sure how this works, thank you.


Same dealership offer no payments for 45 or even 90 days.

Hey Seeking,


As another fellow customer of USAA car buying service, I can say you may not need a down payment to secure a lower down payment.  The TrueCar/USAA buying service does an excellent job of finding you a car that is thousands cheaper than you would have paid otherwise.  You just have to stick to your guns when dealing the the dealer.  This is my experience though. 


I don't think you can make a down payment at a later date.  You can try refinancing your car at a later date to lower your payments but you'll have to make a good dent in your original loan first.  Once you enter into a contract with USAA, they will not change it unless you refinance.  Again, personal experience.  They wouldn't adjust the frequency of my loan payments (bi-weekly to monthly) without me refinancing and that wouldn't be worth it.


Hope that helps.