I need to buy a car as soon as possible.  I want to use USAA services as I have another accounts with them.  I have worked hard over the past 2 years repairing my credit, and had it up to about 640.  However, I recently opened new student loans and a credit card that the balance is close to limit, so those accounts have lowered my credit back down to approximately 580-590.  However, I have good income, work for the government, and have not had a late payment in about 5 years.  What is the best way to purchase a car (lease vs. finance and new vs. used), and what is lowest score USAA would approve for a finance loan?


I would just like to add that I need a reliable SUV with 4WD/AWD for my children and also reliability of getting to work in the snow (in law enforcement and I can not call out), so that is why I have not been able to just buy a little small used car.

Dear Mike11360,

Thanks for posting! If you give us a call here at 210-531-USAA (8722) we can put you in touch with an auto specialist who can take a look at your financials and see what we can do! Thank you.

If you have poor credit they wont give you a loan en if you have been a member for 38 years, had loans with them and paid them off.



It will depend, but the more you can put down on the vehicle, the better chance you will have.  The only way to really find out is apply.  Good Luck.

For every $1000 you put down, you reduce your monthly payments by $15-$20.