Curious on USAA position in financing and insuring a car that has gone from a salvage title to a rebuilt title (Pennsylvania)? Anyone know the current answer? Is it car by car?


In regards to the insurance Sirius Black, there is no underwriting restriction on not insuring a car with a salvaged title.  Please do know however that actual cash value (ACV) of a salvaged title could be significantly lower than that of the same type of vehicle with an original title.  Future claims will take into account the salvage or branded title and its impact on the ACV of a vehicle as well.  The ACV amount would only be able to be determined at the time of the loss.  These are things to be take into consideration.  I hope this answers your questions on the insurance side of things.  I will engage a colleague when one becomes available to address the financing portion of your question.  Sincerely  -  Justin

Thanks for your patience on the loan aspect of the question Sirius Black.  After reaching out to my colleague, we can finance a vehicle with a salvaged title also.  This is more of a case by case basis however, as it would need to be approved by underwriting.  Please do know that we are able to finance the vehicle at an 80% of the loan to value amount (LTV).  If you were to purchase the car for say $10,000, we would be able to finance up to $8,000.  In many cases however, you should be able to get a good deal on the car because in general the amount should already be about 80% less of the determined value of the car.  Please let us know if you have anymore questions, and thank you for being a member with USAA.  -  Justin

Justin thanks for your reply. The cat in looking at had a rebuilt title which means it has been inspected and Bev issued a rebuilt title so it is not a salvage title anymore. The car has passed all PA safety requirements and been rebuilt to OEM specifications with OEM parts. Does this change things?

The title to a vehicle will have no effect on the insurance rate as we rate based on other factors which the title will not be a factor - Ralph