We have a car we are going to buy local from a family in town. Since we bank online what is the best method to pay them for it now?


Hello @Kton, If your paying cash from a checking account, one way to purchase a vehicle would be to get a money order that way you have a paper trail for the purchase. Visa Debit cards linked to USAA checking accounts can have limits increased to accommodate a larger purchase. The debit card limit can be increased to retrieve cash from an ATM or at a bank as a cash advance. If you choose to pay in cash or money order and you do need your limit increased, using our app is easy and a self service tool for you to use. I hope this answers your question. Oh, after the purchase, don't forget to update your Auto Insurance! Enjoy your new vehicle. ~ Suzy

@Kton, I wanted to check back with you to see how did the vehicle purchase go? ~ Suzy