Buying a car from a remote location site unseen

So I know buying something unseen is a dumb idea, but I finally found basically the exact (used) vehicle I have been searching for.  The problem is that it is located across the country.  I was just approved for an auto loan from USAA but am unsure how to proceed.  The vehicle is located at an auto dealership and has photos and a clean CarFax report so I'm not worried about the condition of it.  I guess I'm just looking to see if anyone else has done this type of thing.


m_c_zero, Thanks for posting in Community.  Please review these tips on buying a car. Honestly, it is always best to test drive and have the used car inspected. However, this may hard to complete since the vehicle is from a remote location.  It is uncommon, but pepole have purchased a vehicle unseen before. This is a risk that both the seller and buyer take on.  Please let us know if we can assist futher. 

Hi,  I just posted an article on this site offering such a service as you are looking for.  I can help!  Give me a call or email me what the vehicle you are looking for.  Below is the service I can provide:


Hi, I am a retired Disabled Veteran who has become a licensed and bonded car dealer.  I have served the local and international community of San Antonio, TX and have offered absolutely the best possible pricing for a vehicle based upon local franchised dealerships who are known for overpricing vehicles...especially to our military members.  I would like to offer my services through your venue to give military and their entire family an opportunity to save at least $1,000.00 on vehicles normally purchased at larger franchise dealerships.  I can do this because I have little or no overhead.  I also offer a better warranty than most of these dealers.  I am now working on building a website which will allow military members from anywhere in the world on deployments to order a vehicle and even in some cases deliver it to them.  I have worked with USAA in achieving a near perfect virtual experience in buying vehicles and have a 100% approval rate among previous customers.  I would appreciate your support in helping me spread the word about my small business which will result in military members savings of thousands of dollars.  Sincerely,
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