I am trying to buy a car from a private seller but they don't want to sign the title over to me unless they have the money in their account first. I am assuming usaa needs me to send them the title so they can put the lien on it before they'll let the money go. How do I go about this because I am buying the car out of state and it is a hassle to go back and forth since I currently do not have a car to go back and forth in. Can anyone help? Anyone had any prior experience with this problem?


I've had the experience being local when purchasing a car,though it seems like the person may have something up their sleeve wanting the money first. My advice is to try and find the same vehicle where you live and if the person is willing take it to a reputable mechanic to have it checked out for any issues and at the same time you can get the VIN call USAA and get the ball rolling. I hope this helps your situation.

Having purchased and sold about 20 vehicles over the years, I'm not surprised that the seller won't surrender the title until he has the money or, at least, certified funds like a cashier's check, especially with all of the cons going on these days.  Still, something doesn't feel right here. 


Has USAA given you instructions on how to handle the transaction?  I can't imagine any bank making an auto loan where they don't have their hand in the title process somewhere.  Depending on your state, USAA may ask you to send the title to them for holding until the loan is paid off, but I'm sure there is some process where they ensure the lien is recorded whether they have the physical title or not.  For example, they may use an escrow service to handle the transaction.

Hi Hyrdo,

Thank you for posting. Your best bet is to call and talk to a banking specialist who can go over all the necessary steps for payment and transfer of title. Please give us a call at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you!