I am currently leasing a vehicle, which I love.  I am over the mileage due to transition in work location putting many more miles on the car than anticipated.  My lease is up in July 2020.   Since interest rates are low - would it make sense to buy the vehcle now - 

Lease payments would be $4188 to end of lease.  Purchase option at end of lease is $[removed sensitive data].70  (does not include taxes, tags, etc.)- It is also out of warrantee due to mileage.  They would calculate at .25 per mile.  Mileage was based on 10,000 miles a year and I have driven 68k in just shy of 3 years. 

I stupidly thought my lease was based on 20k (as I have done in the past)

-- as 10k would have seemed unreasonable in any event.   I didn't read the fine print when signing.  

Any guidance would be appreciated.   I leased the car from Audi Nation in South Orlando, but would like to use Lakeland Audi or a Tampa dealership to continue my relationship with Audi. 



@PolishPrincess, thanks for reaching out. I will have an account specialist review your concerns further.