Hello! I plan on buying a car from a private seller that has a lien on the car through USAA. My funds for buying the car are in a USAA account, and he wants the funds transferred to his USAA account. Supposedly, he contacted USAA and the advice he got for selling the car is that I will wire transfer him the asking price for the car (which I assume is more than what he owes on it) and then once the title is released we will travel to the DMV together and he will then sign the title over to me. However, all of this sounds scary to me and I fear that once I wire the money over he is not obligated to give me the title. I am also assuming that this entire process can be done in just a few hours since I am traveling across state to see the car, and then want to transfer the money and get the title on the same day. Is this really the safest way for me to buy the car? is there any way I can verify that he does in fact have a lein through USAA? Also, how long will it take for the wire transfer to process from one USAA account to another? I would like the title on the same day. What steps should I take to ensure I am not going to get robbed of thousands of dollars.... 



Hello @ckm15c, I appreciate you reaching out to us today. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert. Once reviewed we will contact you. Thank you. -Emily

@ckm15c, congratulations on finding a car! I know its a big decision. When buying a car from a private seller we always recommend exercising caution. Please know that when sending a wire, the funds are available same day to the recipient and cannot be returned without the permission of the account holder who posses the funds. Unfortunately, for privacy and security reasons we cannot verify the status of the lien. Please contact us at 1-877-531-8722 if you have any further questions. - Janay