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Just wanted to share some infomation that can help you from making an unwise desicion like I did. Jeep has recently released a new vehicle, Renegade, which is a small SUV with great features and some not so great features.


One of the not so great features is an engine that has a manufacturing defect that causes the oil to leak into the engine which in turn causes the engine to stall.


This happened to me in a very busy intersection in the Washington DC area and I was narrowly avoided by a rather large dump truck. There was no indication of any issue, no oil leak on the ground, nothing! Now for the really good part; as this is a defect during the casting of the engine the only repair option is to replace the engine. So with less than 1500 miles I am having a new engine installed, under warranty of course.


I've contacted the NHTSA and reported this as I do not believe my engine is the only one that has this issue so if you own this vehicle and it is stalling do yourself and family a big favor and have the dealership check it out as this may save yours or your loved ones life.


USAA should do their members a favor and drop this vehicle from their buying services until Jeep can assure everyone this has been resolved at the manufacturing level.


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