I am about to buy a new car I am stationed in Virginia. My family lives in Massachusetts. Which state is best to buy a car for the best deal. Can anyone advise me ?


I work for a car dealership and the way the rebates and incentives work is based on your residency. No matter where you purchase you will get the value for your residency. Sales tax is also calculated for where you claim residency. I would look into which county is lowest tax, and which rebates are higher. Calling a dealership and talking to someone in the Internet Sales department or a sales manager and explaining the situation should help. If they aren't willing to help. I would not purchase with them. Also, going through true car with usaa is known to get you a better rate on the loan. Don't let them fool you and think you're getting a better price just because you went online. It's the same price for everyone because all online prices posted are just the rebates and incentives available in that area. If one vehicle is discounted more, call and find out if it's tagged. Tagged vehicles are the only vehicles that will be priced much less than the others. Dealerships are only allowed to tag certain vehicles for the month!
Buy used. Private dealer. Taxation is theft.