Budget Car Rental at Kahului Airport, Maui

I would like to share a complaint I lodged today against Budget Car Rental at the Kahului Airport in Maui, HI. Please do NOT choose Budget at this location when using the USAA portal to rent a car on your vacation, as I did:<br>Made a reservation weeks ago ahead of our vacation. On arrival into Kahului at noon, made our way over to the rental car office to see a crowd of people waiting outside, and only one Budget representative working the entire location. Only one person per party was allowed into the air conditioned waiting area to stand in an unmoving line of at least fifty people. You do the math. <br><br>As an extended family of ten traveling together with two seniors, two kids under five, and one pregnant woman of five months who were all made to wait outside in the heat for over two hours, this was entirely inadequate and completely unacceptable. Had our extended party not had two small kids who require car seats, the three of us with Budget reservations would/should have cancelled on the spot and just taken an Uber to our reserved condo in Kihei. <br><br>As for the other two cars, I can't speak, but the one that I was assigned looks like a leftover from the latest Mad Max: full of fender dents &amp; scratches all over the trunk area. We were told to document all damage ourselves with time stamped photos. After a long flight and a frustrating wait, this was the last thing that I wanted to do. When I get a rental car, I expect it to be clean, in relatively good shape, and all damage already documented before I take possession. Being handed a rent-a-wreck and being told to photograph everything before driving off myself does not foster a whole lot of confidence. <br><br>The agent who we *finally* saw to take care of business was very accommodating, but offered no apology for the fiasco, and did mention that the new rental car location has only been open for four days. I know she was only trying to do her job, so I was courteous and didn't complain. However, the inability of Budget to adjust and accommodate for this is not my problem. This is my third time on Maui, and all previous rental car pickups have been in &amp; out in under fifteen minute interactions with nice cars provided that I wouldn't be embarrassed to drive. Get your s*** together.

I'm a veteran who used USAA's rental portal to reach Budget at the Kahului airport (amongst other choices) in order to receive a very, very modest discount on an eight day car rental. I will be contacting USAA to recommend removing Budget from their portal at this location due to the experience.<br>


Dear @NavyWx,


That sounds like a horrible experience. Sorry you went through that. We appreciate you sharing this with us and will look more into it. Thanks again. - Jesse