Since April 2017, my insurance rate has nearly doubled.  Last year (on April 12) I renewed my auto insurance policy for $330.  This year, my policy has been renewed at over $600.


I haven't gotten a raise, USAA.  Gas definitely isn't cheaper, and food costs just as much.  I also haven't had any accidents or claims in that period.  I've moved, but not very far and only because my job moves around.  If you want to keep this rate up, I'm afraid I'll have no choice but to cancel and go with somebody else, because I sure can't afford $1200 next insurance cycle.


I've seen the other posts and realize that there are 'factors' in play, but the big factor for me is that I only have so much money.  I'm happy to give USAA a portion of my money for the services it offers, but I can't give you ALL of my money.


@CaveRanger  Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts in regards to premium increases. Please know I understand the sensitivity and disappointment the rate increases may be causing you. It would be our pleasure to have a subject matter expert personally review your policy with you to ensure you are maximizing any discounts that may be available to you and that you have the right deductibles in place to meet your personal needs.


Please send us a private message so I am able to forward your information to be reviewed. In order for you to send a private message to us please select the top right corner under your user handle where you will see a drop down menu. You will select the envelope icon. Then on the next page, click on “Send New Message” button.   ~Dana