It's amazing how everytime I call USAA I get a different story or explaination from the person I talked to.  My issurance rates have gone up exponentially and no one has thus far given me a straight answer. I was first told that it went up because of the area I live in had an increase in incidents that caused the rates to go up(first lie; I live in a rural area with little to no incidents); the second time I called I was told that it was becuase the state of Florida raised the rated accross the board for everyone.  Really? ok well this leaves me no choice but to start shopping arround to leave USAA.  I am a retired LEO with no tickets or accidents on my record how in the world am I paying for others mistakes? Bye USAA 


Sorry to hear of your experience @Jondoo and have forwarded your concerns and account for review. We appreciate your patience and this area will be contacting you once this has been completed. ~ Joseph