I dont know where to start, but I have been a USAA customer since...forever. Ages. I pay over 240/month. I only have two cars, both 4 cyl, I never go anywhere. We are both retired. (Over 65) This seems like a lot since it goes up every year. Ive never said anything before but I thought that when you started getting SOcSec, that things got cheaper. CAn you evaluate my policy?


Hello, @kilgoretrout. Thank you for your loyal membership and trust. I certainly hope you are well. I can defintiely understand your position and would be glad to review the factors of the rate as well as seek out any potential savings opportuntieis. Bear with me as I get started. Thank you. :) ~ Steven

Don't let them increase your deductibles and lower/remove any coverages. That's pretty much the only way you might save a little. Good luck.