I purchased a vehicle for my daughter and used USAA for the auto loan on her Toyota Camry.  I received a great offer for a 0% loan from Sears so I decided to use that offer to pay off the auto loan through USAA.  This occurred at the end of December and USAA states that they never received the check even though I have sent in a copy of the check with the information showing it was deposited with date and sequence number included.  I have called USAA no less than 10 times to follow up, been hung up on multiple times along the way; yetUSAA has failed to own any of the issue and has failed to follow up with me.  I still have a $3517 check that Sears is charging me for that USAA has yet to refund to me.  I have raved about this company for years and have never considered switching, but today I am likely to file a BBB complaint and seek services elsewhere.  Very disappointing!!


Erik84, we can see how you would feel frustrated. We will review this and reach out to you soon.  Thank you, Jen.