It sounds good to get a 1.99% APR but you have to make sure you select certain things when e signing! I decided to use the service and get such a good percentage but when I selected my choices during the esign I didn't select automatic payment and I didn't get the promised APR. According to the offer the automatic payment is included in the discount BUT you must select it when signing the electronic documents. I am so frustrated with the service and the worst part is that I got a different percentage. I bought the car Sunday and there are no representatives working Sunday so nobody was able to help me in the final loan process. For some reason after more than 10 years dealing with USAA I found it difficult to finish the loan process online. The web site showed a different percentage of what was offered but it said I was going to get all the discounts after signing electronically.. I finished and print out the paper for the dealer so on Monday I called a representative to make sure that I was going to get the 1.99% she told me yes.. SURPRISE I got the loan information today (2 days after the purchase) and I didn't get the 1.99% because I didn't select the automatic payment. Make sure you read everything and if possible DO NOT buy a car on Sundays because you will not find a representative to help you if you need help..


Hi mmf2016,


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. I have gone and passed along to our bank team and I will have them reach out to you in order to discuss. Thank you.

All you have to do is refi, will get the rate you want and it won't cost a thing. Did you know also about the one time rate drop? After making 6 payments, call and ask for the one time rate drop and they will drop your rate even lower.