Don't use USAA's car buying program! I used it in order to avoid shady car dealer tactics, and they tossed me to the wolves. I got a "Guaranteed Savings Certificate" price from a dealer in writing, but when I took it to them they told me that they would not honor it, but they would sell me the car for a great (higher price)--classic bait & switch. I've spent hours on the phone, with USAA rep's insisting that dealers in the program can't do that, referring me to Trucar rep's who tell me that that's perfectly fine--that "Guaranteed" means nothing, that they can back out of anything they want to. I escalated it to the USAA executive resolution team, who told me that that's just the way Trucar does it and USAA has nothing to do with it, even though it's done in their name. If a dealer can decide to not honor the prices they send, then the program is pointless. USAA is serving us up to ruthless car dealers. AVOID!


Yikes, profb88, that is NOT what we expect to hear from our members who are using the service! I will certainly have this reviewed and researched further.  Once that has been complete we will follow up with you.  Can you please let us know which dealer you went to?