Beware of Safe-Lite Windshield Repairs on Honda Accords

UH-1 Crewchief

USAA is great!  Safe-Lite has a good reputation with automobiles without 'sensing.' But when the technician isn't properly trained, uses aftermarket mounting hardware, cheap third-party (read thin) windshields rather than the thick OEM windshields, then we've got a recipe for disaster.  I asked for OEM windshield but was informed that option was not available.  The Honda Accord notifies us that our Safety Support sensing equipment is inoperable and tells us to see the dealer immediately.  The Honda Technician finds that the aftermarket mounting hardware was not attached to the third-party windshield.  Camera Eye could not be re-attached.  After paying for diagnostics ($ 260) to determine why the Camera Eye failed, took the results to Safe-Lite.  Lots of excuses.  But in a different twist, they schedule a warranty service within 24 hours, not the usual 7 days.  We're looking for reimbursement for diagnostics and OEM Windshield. Will Safe-LIte deliver?


@UH-1Crewchief, we are sorry to see your experience with Safelite. I will forward this feedback to our business team, as we always look for ways to improve even with companies we do business with. Please send a private message with your full name and email address that is listed on your USAA profile for further review. ~Marie