Sorry I trusted USAA car buying service (True car) it seems the Guaranteed Saving Certificate is a joke I went to two different dealer and they won't honor the certificate price provided. 

Just want to let everone know  BE CAREFUL. 

one dealer actually changed the price after we agreed on the final price. 

Another dealer added $1000 to their own listed price because we were going to finance the car with USAA



Sounds like shady dealers, not USAA being the problem. Better if you report the dealers to USAA
The same thing happened to myself twice while looking for an F150, the dealerships don't have to honor them or they simply give a half baked excuse as to why they no longer have that vehicle and be fine to sell you another one. No different than if you were to price a vehicle from their websites. A shame that it's used like that though.

I've used it to buy 4 vehicle so far.  Only one of them was at one of the participating dealers.  For some reason the closes participating Hyundai dealer was 30 miles away.  We have one closer so walked in with the certificate and told them if they can match it, I'll buy a car otherwise I'll drive the 30 miles  They matched it every time.


If a dealer added to the price because of who I fiance with, then I would not buy a car from them.  Sometimes it is just best to walk out the door.

you are correct I walked away I do trust USAA but not the Car buying service anymore

Dear Seank1,

We would like to collect more information about the dealership you encountered the issues with our car buying service. We would greatly appreciate you sending us additional details here. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you for taking the time to post and we look forward to hearing from you further.

Thank you,  you already have all the information, but it doesn't look like, investigation by True Car  will result any satisfaction.