Just as a warning to all who have USAA auto insurance and have a claim that requires you to rent a car.  You better have your money saved up to buy a car instead of relying upon USAA to process the claim in a timely manner.  Now to be fair, filing the claim and getting the rental was easy. 


After my car was declared a total loss and I accepted the value from the appraiser, he extended the rental for 1 week.  He also asked me if I wanted the paperwork and the shipping label sent via email or regular mail.  I said email (this was last Friday, Dec. 7th).  I waited a few days even though I hadn't received an email, because I thought maybe I was misheard and they sent it by mail; all the communications center said was that "You're paperwork is on the way".  I call up today to deal with the total loss department, only to find out nobody sent out anything (mail or email). 


Now this is clearly USAA's fault. However, I also found out that it is official policy not to extend your rental due to paperwork or processing delays (even if it is their fault).  The total loss center did decide to take pity on me and made it clear that this was not a normal exception that they do, and extended my rental for three business days.


So now I have the label today, realistically I won't be able to get home to package up my title to send to them before the Fedex shipping center closes.  So I won't be able to ship it until tomorrow; it probably won't arrive there until Friday or Saturday.  So it most likely won't be processed until Monday (maybe) and the standard warning is that it could take up to 8 business days to process direct deposit of funds into my account.  So now I will probably have to break my bank account to put a down payment for my car because the rental is up by next Wednesday, and hope that within 8 days I receive the payout from my total loss to recover.


So to pull it back to the original intent of this message:  Just be aware that you can't depend upon USAA to process anything past the initial claim and rental in a timely manner.  You must badger them to find out if they did something as simple as send you a return label.  And if they mess up, well then it's going to cost you.