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I have been with USAA for almost 40 years.  When selecting auto insurance, I chose rental car coverage at the pickup truck level, thinking that if I ever need it, I can still tow my boat while my truck was in the shop.  Well, my truck was in a minor accident and I need to use the rental coverage.  Then, and only then, do I find out that USAA's coverage through Enterprise does not allow me to tow my boat with the rental vehicle.  When I selected this coverage USAA never informed me that I could not use a rental pickup truck to tow with.  So, I bought rental vehicle coverage that is basically useless in my situation.  I have had to search to find a company that will rent me a pickup truck that I can tow with while my truck is in the shop.  USAA claims representatives have been unwilling to make any adjustments even though they acknowledge that when I signed up for rental coverage at the pickup truck level there was no disclosure that I could not use the rental vehicle to tow my boat.  So, if you have a truck insured with USAA and it is in an accident, be aware that if you get a rental vehicle you cannot tow anything with it!  My experience has been so awful on this claim I am considering leaving USAA as a result of their misrepresentation of rental vehicle coverage.


Hi @Skeeter1*, I can certainly understand your frustration but, that is not a USAA policy, it is an Enterprise policy. The rental coverage does not bound you to only using Enterprise. You can choose any rental company you but, I can tell you that the majority of them do not allow towing. We do appreciate your feedback and wish there was more we could do to help. Thank you. 

I did not buy my rental coverage through Enterprise - I bought it through USAA.  To blame Enterprise is a cop-out on the part of USAA.  I have found a company that allows me to tow with their rental vehicle.  However, the cost is $20 per day more than USAA will reimburse.  By not informing me of these limitations when I purchased rental coverage, it is certainly a misrepresentation on the part of USAA.  

To quote your response, "...wish there was more we could do to help."  There is a simple solution, reimburse me fully for the rental vehicle I have to get since USAA did not disclose rental vehicle limitations up front.  With all the policies I currently have with USAA, my total premiums each year are well over $3000.  It is incredible to me that USAA is willing to alienate a long-standing member over a couple of hundred dollars!