Beware Inflated Bogus Offer from "Certified Dealer"

I received an offer from a "certified dealer" for my used car.  At $4,750 it sounded like a great deal.  I had posted pics and all of the correct information about my vehicle including dings and scratches in the body.


When I got to FC Auto in Falls Church they seemed to be professional initially.  But, I soon figured out that they were scamming me.  The dealer came up with all kinds of "costs" that they would have to incur in order to fix the minor scratches and dings on the car's hood and sides.


They reduced their offer from $4,750 to $3,000.  I then showed them the CARMAX offer I had for $4,000.  The dealer said he would have to check with his boss - and thety came back with an offer for $4,000.  I then showed them the offer I had for $4,200 from "cashmoneycars" and he said he would check with his boss again.


At that point I said I wouldn't take up any more of his time and I left.


The problem is that they wasted my time and probably cost me money as well.  They deliberately overbid cutting out the competition only so they could then lowball me.  


I would recommend that USAA suspend FC Auto's certification.


Dear MaxGent,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I will make sure your feedback is escalated.