Beware Enterprise Perk

Reservation made for pick up at Madrid Airport. Iberia flight to arrive 6am thought I could pick up at 7am. Turns out it takes 1 hour to get from the back of plane through the electric trolley to passport control a mile away with an enormous line. Another hour to get through that and trundle to the far end of the parking garage where the Enterprise office says "car gone". Said the policy is to hold the car for 1 hour. That is it. No car. No alternative No suggestion. "Sorry". Go with Perks to spend your vacation in a parking garage.
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Pushing laden luggage cart through the parking garage encountered Avis.  Rented on the spot, approximately same cost for equivalent car, said their policy was to keep reservation open for 24 hours.  Drove 1275 miles through Northern Spain with trouble free return.  Would rent from Avis again.

Oh my @3rd&last  on your recent experience traveling to Madrid.  Fully get your frustrations not making it on time to pick up your rental vehicle and spending part of your vacation time in a parking garage.  Hope you were able to get into a vehicle to begin your travel adventure in Madrid? ~Marco