Beware Before Filing a Claim for Pothole Damage

My son hit a pothole at night that was not illuminated,  cordoned off or identified in any way by the city.   We had repairs completed which required replacing one wheel with a bent rim.   We filed a claim.  My son is now held responsible for causing this "accident" and because he was responsible his premiums are going to increase.   The wheel was $150 and we have $100 deductible.   All this for a $50 payout that USAA was going to reject anyway.  I asked to withdraw the claim, and was told they cannot.   I have been a member for 47 years, but there won't be a 48th year.   I think these actions taken by USAA are reprehensible and what I would expect from some 3rd rate no pay insurance company.   This is not the first USAA claim with a very negative outcome.  After 47 years time to move on...   

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@retired75th, I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I am escalating your concerns to the appropriate team now. ~Danielle

The old windbreaker escalation. Stand by for immediate action !