I have been a loyal USAA customer for over 20 years. I use them for all my insurance and banking needs. My wife had a bad string of luck the past 2 years with 4 accidents. Even though the prior 20 years saw almost no claims, they dropped me effective this month, October 2018. I'm a disabled vet and father of 4 with a single income family. Despite all the years of my loyalty and paying all my premiums in full and on time, the company that claims to serve those who served abandoned me in my time of need because we dared to use the insurance we paid for all this time. I'm disgusted by them and the fact they made a ton of money off me but couldn't stand by me when we had a rough patch. I even convinced family and friends to join USAA. I probably got them a dozen customers at least. This is who USAA is and don't expect them to stand by you or return your loyalty with anything but betrayal if you dare to need the insurance you pay for.


This certainly isn't the way we want our members to be left feeling @EIB. We will have a specialist look into this case and ensure all options were reviewed and they will reach back out to you. - Ralph 

I think loyalty to a brand is extremely important. I once got turned around on when my car payment was due as I was paying extra in the middle of the month. Long story short. USAA called me before I was late to see what was going on, I was able to clarify the situation and learned from it. Problem fixed. 


I believe you should extend this reach to members that clearly are running into a string of bad luck or are about to reach a problem state. Provide them options to either help the situations or simply have the discussion and warning. Provide that information clearly, make sure it's understood and that it's simply in the persons best interest to take the proper steps to avoid the issue from occurring again.