I have been a member of USAA for over 12 years, I have 7 different bank accounts, auto and home insurance through them.  I have always been happy with the banking, and at the time online/app banking was fairly new so I believe USAA was on top of their game.  After reading complaints recently, I am running into the same exact situations as many others.  USAA's customer service has been some of the worst I have delt with recently.  I am not sure what has changed in the company, but I hope they will read this because they are absolutley terrible and they ARE losing me as a customer.  Before I get into the issue, good luck ever talking to a manager.  I have called them multiple times to talk to a manager about the situation with absolutely no response back.  A company that doesnt allow you to make complaints, is a company to be aware of.  This is no longer a company for VETERANS...........................     


I was in an auto accident where I was rear ended and pushed into another vehicle at the beginning of the month.  The initial process was smooth as it typically is when starting a claim, then it went downhill.  Due to all of the hail damage issues, I was not able to get a rental car for 5 days, which was very frustrating as I travel for work, but I can accept that USAA had not much control over this.  On the last day that they stated they had to finish the claim, I had to call the adjuster to find out what they were doing with my vehicle as no one had updated me on the situation.  He stated it will be a total loss and gave me exact instructions on where to take the title so I can get my money as soon as possible, within the 2-3 business timeframe.  I had 7 days from that day to keep a rental car.  In the mean time I had been looking at vehicles to purchase but did not want to take out a large loan beforehand.  After 3 business days passed and no money has been deposited, I called my claims representative with no response, as I had yet to hear from her at all during this claim.  I talked to another rep in the claims department who told me that nothing was done with the title and I would have to wait another 3-4 business days for them to process this.  See the trend here.............  3 days go by and we call again, then we were redirected to the total loss department where we were told it was good that we called or it would have been another week or two before we would have seen that money processed into our account.  Keep in mind I already had to turn the rental vehicle in, even though I requested an extension and she said the manager would call me back, I have yet to hear back.  I called back to make a complaint and wanted to speak to a manager or someone in charge and USAA's policy is they will not let you talk with anyone.  It has to be sent up the chain and hopefully you get a call back.  Well that is twice I have yet to hear back.  We didnt mind paying a little extra on our accounts because we appreciated the customer service, but USAA has proven that customer service is not a priority any longer.  I wanted to write this to forwarn others to look at other companys first before you choose USAA, they used to be about military veterans but you can tell by the thousands of recent complaints, that isnt the case any longer.  USAA is absolutely terrible!!!!!!!!!!!


@dizknight, in reading your post, I can certainly understand your disappointment. I apologize @dizknight that your request to elevate your concerns to a manager was not responded to more expeditiously.  I can assure you through our unit here in social that your concerns are recognized and are being escalated to management.  We do track all referrals that we send to management to ensure that they acknowledge a member's request within one to two business days. - Ina

I would like to thank USAA social service for having the CEO management team contact me regarding this issue.  They were able to have a manager contact me asap to help resolve most of my frustration and made sure to monitor this throughout the process until completion.  I was already pulling quotes from other carriers due to the terrible lack of customer service during this process but USAA did come through big by acknowledging my complaint and resolving it quickly.  USAA still has work to do in regards to the total loss department but for them to actually reach out after the fact shows they are trying to fix some of these problems.  


Thank you