Bad experience with USAA certified auto dealer

Mad Wrapper

I tried purchasing * Audi A4 manual transmission through USAA car buying service and was contacted buy several USAA certified dealers. One particular Audi dealer in Davenport, IA assured me they had several cars (6 infact) that met my search criteria; specifically any manual transmission * A4. After confirming the cars availability with two different representatives over the phone, I made the 80 minute drive to the dealership only to be told in person that they in fact had 2 cars available and that they were both automatic transmissions! I would very much like to know what, if any, quality assurance goes into these dealers maintaining their USAA certification status.


Mad Wrapper, I'm sorry to hear of your recent experience with the car buying service. We want this process to always be easy and a great experience. I have shared your feedback to be reviewed. If we have any further questions we will reach out to you. - Janay