Bad experience with Quattro Motors 2 Farmington Hills, MI


Worst experience I have ever had!! This dealership doesn't let you pick-up the car you bought the same day, they wait for the loan money to be in their pockets before they let you drive the car off the lot. I have bought 5 cars before from different dealerships through the same process I went through with this dealership, I have always been able to drive the car home the same day. With this dealership through you will start paying for your loan interest and your car insurance well before they let you take the product you're paying money for. It is very demeaning to be treated like we're here to steal the car from them, loan has been approved since Wednesday Dec 27th, it's collecting interest in my account, the car is still in the lot. I am paying for auto insurance for a car that is still sitting in their lot! This is really the first time I have ever dealt with a dealership that doesn't let you take the car home the same day, all money transfers take a few days I understand that, but having no trust in customer's is absolutely demoralizing. I have had dealerships give me car to test drive over the weekend, but this dealership wouldn't let me drive a car I bought off the lot. steer clear!


Oh wow! Allia, this is definitely not how a dealership should be making anyone feel. I want to make sure this feedback is accurately reviewed. Was this a dealership you found using the USAA Car Buying Service?-Marisa