I've been without a vehicle for a year now because I was scammed from an Auto dealership and finance company working together. The dealership was closed by the Federal trade commission and the finance company was ordered to reimburse the victims of their crimes and remove negative remarks from our credit reports. They still have not done so and I can't get a loan. I have guaranteed disability payments and alimony coming in weekly, it's not that I can't afford a loan.


Ginger68, we regret your current situation. I have shared your posts with our loan department. Currently, there are no loan specialists available to address your concern. We will reach out to you as soon as a specialist becomes available. Thank you for your understanding. - Tricia

Thanks for posting, Ginger68. I attempted to contact you at the number on file, but wasn't able to reach you. I've sent a secured email to your online message center in reply. To access it, simply log in, click your name, select Alerts & Actions and scroll down to Notifications. - Cathleen