I'm a little late posting this, but kind of new to the community (even though I originally joined back in 2012). 


First I'd like to thank USAA for allowing me to "upgrade" my standard of living in many financial areas, through the use of their financial tools (banking, auto loans, insurance, credit cards, etc.); they have really been a blessing to me.  Initially I was able to purchase my first car in twenty years through them; and then purchased a second one a year later.  The second vehicle was purchased from the same place I purchased the prior one because, as many have stated here, I wasn't given what I was promised through the car buying program; but this was not USAA's fault; the problem was with the dealer.


I have since sold the first car back to the place I purchased it from and purchased another vehicle from them.  Unfortunately, USAA did not approve my purchase, but I'll be in the market to "upgrade" again soon, and once again, I will initially look towards USAA for financing.



Dear 99PercentCovert,

Thank you for being a member and for sharing your cay buying and selling experience here in the community. I have reached out to a loan specialist about your situation and requested they contact you personally to discuss your latest car loan attempt. Thank you!

Thank you Briana, that is greatly appreciated!